Meet The Web Team 1


Name: Allie Klein

Job Title: Marketing Manager 

Fave Social Media Platform: SNAPCHAT

Favorite Fashion Blogger: 

Favorite Trend: The Desert/Cactus Theme

Favorite Instagram Account: @AlixandraCollections DUH

Favorite Local Spot: The Saguaro Hotel & Diego Pops 

Name: Kara Kuykendall

Job Title: E-Commerce Manager 

Beauty Secret: Sunscreen! 

Guilty Pleasure: Um... SHOPPING!

Why I love AC: I truly love everything about our stores, clothing, jewelry, candles- all of it! 

When I’m not shopping online, you can find me: ...Attempting to work out.

Personal style: Polished boho! 

Name: Caroline Iversen 

Job Title: Graphic Designer 

Favorite Trend: 

Favorite Food: 

Your Personal Style: 

Trend You Want To Stick Around: 

Random Fact: 

Name: Paige Coleman

Job Title: E-Commerce Assistant 

Favorite Place to Take Pics in AZ:  Phoenician Resort

Fashion Tip: Always wear Concealer and Lipstick

What I Love About Alixandra Collections: The girls I work with everyone is super sweet! 

Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram!!! 

Hidden Talent: I'm a closet Chef. 

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