Our Summer Soiree

Alixandra Chesno

Posted on July 31 2012

This past Sunday, the AC Hinsdale and Lake Forest staff got together to celebrate Toni’s move to Arizona for a brand new AC store opening. Everyone brought a fun dish of their own and Alix made mini cheese burgers! Of course we had more desserts than necessary but look at this amazing AC inspired cake that Ashley made!

The best part of the party was just sitting outside, having cocktails and chatting with everyone! Alix made her very own cocktail with sparkling cranberry juice, vodka, and a lime wedge. Since cocktail hour can last awhile when the weather is gorgeous and your in good company it’s important to have some filling appetizers. 

Cheese platters make for an elegant and yummy dish and yet they are so easy to set up. At Alixandra Blue, we just got in these amazing wooden boards that you can use to serve cheese and other appetizers on. They even have a chalkboard stripe on the side for labeling your food items or writing a fun message to mark the occasion. 

Pick two or three cheeses and have fun with the other accoutrements like grapes, almonds, different jams and of course some crunchy crackers. Here are some other photos of great cheese platter combinations and how you can use the wooden boards to set up your appetizer platter.

With summer winding down, it’s the perfect time to have a last minute party. So find a fun cocktail recipe or even use Alix’s! Choose some flavorful cheeses and pick your favorite wooden platter at Alixandra Blue! Enjoy the last week’s of summer and make entertaining easy. 

Here are some great photos of our staff enjoying the party and congratulating Toni!

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