Trend Report: Crosses

Alixandra Chesno

Posted on August 11 2012

One thing that our Alixandra Collections stores can’t keep in stock is cross jewelry. We are loving the delicate looking crosses by Peter & Gabby that make for great layering pieces but we also just got in some chunkier pieces by Georgia Fletcher, Julio Designs, Virgin Saints & Angels as well as Ronda Smith designs that are super rustic looking and one of a kind.

From bracelets, earrings, and necklaces crosses are definitely trending… here are some celebrities rocking the look.

Pinterest Inspired Cross looks…

Our very own Peter & Gabby cross necklaces.

Here is our designer Julio Designs:

Georgia Fletcher designs…

Rhonda Smith designs…

Here are some other samples of delicate looking crosses as well as bracelet combinations and earrings.

Julio Designs bracelets below…

Virgin Saints & Angels, located at Alixandra Blue…

Here are some other accessories that have cross accents.

Crosses are not only trendy but many see them as a spiritual symbol. It’s a great way to express yourself through your accessories and they make for beautiful gifts.

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