Favorite Arizona Find: The French Bee

Alixandra Chesno

Posted on January 10 2013

As some of you know, I recently moved to Arizona! The weather is perfect…sunny all the time…need I say more! While my days consist of working out of our Alixandra Collections Phoenix location and endless hours on the phone conferencing with all the other locations, I am exploring my way around town looking for unique places to eat and shop. I will be posting my “Favorite Arizona Finds” as I come across them here! While I have found tons of great places to eat, I wanted my first post to be about a favorite “gift-y” shop. 

My new favorite local store is The French Bee. Its located in Central Phoenix by The Biltmore. They carry these simple yet gorgeous faux flowers in tiny vases filled with epoxy. The quality of the faux flowers are FABULOUS!! I had to touch them to figure out if they were real or not! The sales person checking me out tied the richest, black & ivory ribbon around the nape of the vase giving it an added touch of class. I bought 4 of them! They are scattered all over the little nooks of my home and bring me so much joy. 




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